Pocket Wedding Invitations

Tired of receiving an beautiful invitation, only to be picking up three separate cards that have fallen out? Or do you have two or more inserts that you want to include with your invitation? Then pocket and wallet invitations may be your solution.

Pocket and wallet invitations are perfect for keeping all inserts together with the invitation. Our pocket and wallet invitations come in square (150 x150mm) and DL shapes. The range of pockets include a “V” cut or straight edge pocket on the left of a folded square invitation, or wallets either plain or embossed. The colour range of the embossed is limited, however the range of the non-embossed wallets come in a huge range of colours.

The inserts are “stepped” so all headings are visible and can include:

  • A gift registry/gift suggestion cards,
  • RSVP
  • Maps
  • Accommodation
  • Information Cards or
  • Kitchen Tea/Hens/Bucks invites

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